Fairpoint Phone Issues

Most all I am echatting with today have no dial tone now as of last night therefore no incoming OR outgoing calls can be had. Please email Fairpoint and choose the ‘escalate’ option if you can do so; http://www.fairpoint.com/home/residential/contact-us.html

The Landaff Ledger

From the desk of Florence Webb

  If you live in The parts of Landaff served by the telephone junction box near Town Hall or the one near Schofield’s house on Pearl Lake Road, you likely already know that telephones have been out in those areas since sometime on Saturday, December 23.  This marked the second time in two months that substantial numbers of Landaff residents were without phone service for several days.  A few things have emerged as patterns during these and prior outages of both phone and Internet service:

  1. Fairpoint representatives will take each complaint as a single-home residential problem no matter how many phones are not working;
  2. Fairpoint representatives will claim that each caller is the first and only complaint, even when you know others have already called;
  3. Fairpoint will not send repair people into Landaff on a night, weekend, or holiday no matter how many of…

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5 thoughts on “Fairpoint Phone Issues

  1. so surprising: our phone suddenly came back around 6pm last night and is still working.
    Are you able to tell, Sandy, which areas or roads are still having trouble?


    • No, I am not able at this point. I am ‘spot’ checking people. I know the lower half of Gale Chandler and Barrett Hill appear ok and Highway answering machine is now working.


  2. We did not have service Wed the 27th at 9 am when we left town for Canada.
    I just submitted a Detailed report via email of our outage which began the 21 or 22nd and asked that our service bill reflect the days we had not service…

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