Is everyone’s phone working now?

At our house, the phones finally work again, starting yesterday afternoon.

Are your phones working now?

Please email me ( if your phones are NOT working. I would also be interested to hear about any longstanding phone issues that have not been resolved, like the buzzing and periodic outages on Albee Drive.

Here is what I have learned from your emails:

Problems with incoming calls appear to have begun on Friday, December 22.

AT LEAST seventeen reports were made to Fairpoint between December 24 and 27.

At least five of those callers were told theirs was the only trouble report Fairpoint had received, starting from Friday the 24th to as late as Wednesday, the 27th – even after the repair crew had begun working on the circuits. In one case the same person was told twice several days apart that there were no prior trouble reports. At least five of the eleven calls, including two on the 27th, were treated as individual residential problems though most callers tried to inform Fairpoint personnel that others were similarly afflicted (can the phone company not tell when a whole area is without phone service??). Fairpoint personnel in many cases offered to call customers back (a good trick when the phone doesn’t work) or directed them to use their cell phones.

It seems to me the issues we continue to see in Landaff are these:

1) Neither Fairpoint’s customer service systems nor their physical networks seem able to detect outages affecting small widely scattered communities, and

2) Assuming customers have cell service and Internet to fall back on, Fairpoint personnel don’t see landline phone outages as critical or important. They do not appear to understand the potential impact of landline outages on health and safety in rural areas like ours.

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