Snow and REAL Cold On The Way


Dear Neighbors: I’ve been in touch with the New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency and they provided the following information for next weather event.  If you know of a neighbor who doesn’t receive the Landaff Ledger, please feel free to pass this information on to them.


  1. The weather forecast for this week includes an expected 6-8 inches of snow staring Thursday morning and ending Thursday night.. After the snow ends on Friday an Arctic front moves in.
  2. Snowfall Totals:  Snowfall rates of 1-2 inches per hour are expected with this storm.  Widespread snowfall amounts of 6+ inches likely with lesser amounts along the immediate Connecticut River Valley (4-6 inches).  The highest snowfall totals will be seen along 6-8 inches expected in the Keene, Plymouth, and Whitefield areas.
  3. Impacts:  Deep snowfall accumulations of light/fluffy snow combined with gusty winds will lead to blowing and drifting snow.  Together these will create whiteout conditions at times that will make travel dangerous to impossible, especially during the evening commute.  Additionally, wind gusts of 30-40 miles per hour are possible across the State.
  4. Temperatures Friday will range from a high of 3, to a low of -11.
  5. Friday night, -10 to -20, with high winds, 20-20 mph.
  6. Saturday day the expected High will be about -10,
  7. Saturday night -25 or lower with wind.


  1. There is an ample supply of fuel oil in shoreside tanks at Portland and Portsmouth, but the statewide distribution system is proving to be inadequate, without enough trucks and qualified drivers to get the fuel sent out locally.  All of the New Hampshire companies are struggling to distribute and deliver fuel oil.
  2. The State Dept of Safety has waived the hours-worked limits for drivers, but people can only work as long as they’re able.
  3. The fuel companies have informed the state their Delivery priorities are:
    1. Prepaid customers
    2. Contracted customers
    3. Automatic delivery customers
    4. Will-Call Customers.

It is legal under state law for oil companies to impose “Emergency Delivery Fees”.

            If you are unable to successfully schedule an oil delivery, the State Emergency Management Agency recommends you call 2-1-1, the State Help Number, for assistance.


            The State Fire Marshal reports there have been many house fires during this cold period.  He recommends that people be very careful with electric space heaters, and that they not be plugged into weak extension cords, but rather be plugged into wall sockets. Be careful to place space heaters well away from combustible materials such as clothing etc.

There have also be fires caused by large forced air space heaters (“Salamanders”) either electric, or kerosene-fueled. They too should be placed in safe locations, and not confined to small spaces, and especially make sure their exhaust fumes are. sent outside.

Please take all precautions to remain safe and warm.

Patrick J Webb
Emergency Management Director
Town of Landaff NH

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