Phone still out? Call, call, call…

It appears from the responses I’m getting that folks over on the Bronson side of town are still without phone service.

Based on prior experience as well as the lessons of this outage, I encourage all of you without service to CALL FAIRPOINT EARLY AND OFTEN.

Do not (now, or in the future) assume others will call and that will get it fixed. Fairpoint bases the speed and priority of their response on the volume of calls they get. There are so few people in Landaff that it takes all of us just to get their attention, and sometimes that isn’t quite enough.

So find a way to call. Those of us south of Cemetery seem to have phones now so call from a friend’s house, from Town Hall if it’s open, from whatever phone you have access to in Lisbon, Littleton, or wherever. If you have a cell phone there’s usually a good signal at the top of Jockey Hill Road, across or downhill from Clements’ house. If you have Internet you can report online, though they don’t respond at all or only on the phone so you won’t know whether that report was received or noticed.

Having a recent phone bill with you simplifies the process a bit as you can read the numbers to them to prove your identity.

Fairpoint’s Customer Service number is 1.866.984.1611.

Outage reporting online at

Look for ‘report a phone outage’ near bottom of page.

2 thoughts on “Phone still out? Call, call, call…

  1. Sandy, I reported online three times just myself and I know several others did too there’s no way they didn’t get at least five online reports, probably several more than that. The way reporting falls in a black hole is another puzzle in all this


  2. When a supervisor from Fairpoint called yesterday to confirm my service was rectified, they said they were calling because of the email I sent and that they had only received 3 emails via their internet option and one was mine. Does anyone need assistance with calling in your number or reporting via email? Perhaps I can help.


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