Update on ‘Dick’ Bronson

I smiled as I typed his nickname in quotations because in the short time we have lived in Landaff and have had the pleasure of knowing him, he has been introduced to me so many ways….Richard; Dick; The Old Goat; Noah; Dad etc. But the one he dislikes the most is ‘Mr. Bronson’. Why does that not surprise me?! Too formal for such a down to earth man.

Cheryl Wiggett, his daughter, has been kind enough to share his status with us;

Richard is now at Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital, 254 Pleasant St, Concord, NH 03301 in room 225.  His phone number is 603-226-9757. They will have the evaluation/discharge planning meeting today.  Then they will know their assessment, and possible discharge plans.  He seemed to be doing even better today.  His biggest complaint is that he cannot sleep at night.

So far ‘cards in a can’ has collected 14 cards/gifts. Very fitting because today is the 14th. Keep them coming! And thanks for taking the time to do so. We will bring those cards to him this weekend.


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