Candidates for Write-In

WRITE-IN candidate requests;

  1. Trustee of the Trust Funds:  Jason Cartwright

Please write me in for “trustee of the trust funds” position as I want to be more engaged in the management of the town and town resources. I believe I can provide leadership and insight into the Trustee of the trust funds position and help ensure growth of these funds as well as the proper use of these funds as intended by the establishment of the funds. I’ve served on local boards overseeing various charitable funds and look forward to continuing to serve the town of Landaff as a write in candidate. My overall interest is to execute my duty in community service and help the town continue to succeed and grow while meeting the ongoing challenges of a change and protecting the heritage of Landaff.


Jason Cartwright

2. Conservation Commission: John Poland 

John Poland respectfully requests that he be considered as a write-in candidate for 2018. John currently sits on the Conservation Commission and would like to continue to do so.







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