Meet the Candidates

With Town Elections fast approaching (March 13th), here are a couple of candidates who would like you to meet them!

Select Board Candidate: Jennifer L. Locke

Dear Landaff Resident,

I am writing to announce my candidacy for Selectman.  My name is Jennifer Locke and I grew up here in Landaff.  For those who don’t know me a brief background would include growing up as Jennifer Erb, attending Blue School and Lisbon, graduating with a Bachelors in Dairy Management from UNH, and a Masters in Animal Science from UCONN.  I worked for 10 years for an animal feed manufacturing facility in Connecticut during which I worked my way up from Sales and Quality Assurance to Mill Manager and then Senior Projects Manager. While we enjoyed our time in Connecticut we wanted to bring our children back here to grow up in Landaff.

When my husband Dale and I first bought property in Landaff in 2007 we made plans to move back, to make a home for our family. For us making a home here includes being a part of the community, participating in events, taking our turn on town committees, and contributing to the overall health and wellbeing of our town. Having a board of selectmen that represents different viewpoints and engages with their voters is vital. A healthy and strong town requires all of us to exercise our right and our responsibility to be well informed on all aspects of the decisions that we as a town need to make. It is the responsibility of the selectmen to help create open and straightforward discussion, to help make sure that the facts are provided respectfully from all sides of a concern, and that the residents of this town are aware of any issues that come up.

I believe that it is the right and the responsibility of the townspeople to ask the hard questions, but I also believe that people on both sides of any issue deserve to be treated respectfully and their efforts appreciated.  Whatever the majority vote is, it should be made with respect following an open and honest discussion of the facts, and then upheld by the town and its officers.  The strength of our town will be determined by our individual votes, we all play a role in deciding what type of town we are.

This year there are many items that need to be discussed and voted on. I urge you to participate in these conversations.

Here are a few of the things that might impact you:

  • Should Landaff continue to have its own fire department?
  • Should Landaff continue its arrangement with Lisbon for police coverage?
  • Should the town purchase upgraded equipment for the roads?
  • How should the town use its surplus funds from previous years?
  • Do those who have mobility challenges have a safe and respectful way of getting into and around the town hall?
  • Does the school have what it needs to properly educate the children in town?
  • Can the town do something to reduce the tax burden?

If elected selectman I will work to communicate openly and honestly with the town, and to provide a platform on which well-informed decisions can be made. I believe in the strength of a small town, and the power of the individual vote.  If you have any concerns or would like to talk with me directly about anything please feel free to contact me. Thank you very much for your time. I hope you will consider me for the role of Selectman, and I look forward to seeing you at the town meetings.


Jennifer L. Locke -603.838.2308 –

“In New England Town meetings, the voters are the sovereigns, and their will, when duly expressed, is supreme.” Cited by the Supreme Court of New Hampshire (Moulton vs. Beals 98 NH 461)

School Board Member: Cecily Yarosh

Hello, my name is Cecily Yarosh, I am a current school board member and I am running for re-election.
I value our Blue School as a unique educational opportunity for our children and an important way to link young families  to our Landaff community. The small scale of our school allows students to get the individual attention they need at a young age. They have the advantage of learning from each other, and can work at the level that is most appropriate for them regardless of age and grade.
Our students have a strong sense of ownership of their school as they are responsible for cleaning, planting gardens and spreading mulch on their playground.
This school ties children and young families to our town. Personally, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet the students in my children’s classes, as well as their families. I enjoy volunteering at the school, helping with projects, field trips and parties. And so, have a sense for the environment, which helps when sitting on the board.
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and my views!
Cecily Yarosh

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