Cheese “Taking Over the World”

Suggested post by Skye Stewart | Account Executive – Regan Communications Group;

The May issue of Boston magazine recently hit newsstands and includes a piece called “Culture Change,” where writer Julia Clancy pays tribute to the New England cheese scene and how it “is taking over the world.” In other words, Clancy writes about how New England  cheesemakers are really starting to get recognized for the forward-thinking work they are doing in the cheese industry, as cheese is part of the region’s cultural identity and history. Today, New England cheese is well sought after, as New England cheesemakers’ products are winning awards and appearing on menus at popular restaurants across the country.

As an extension of the write-up, Food Editor Scott Kearnan put together a round-up of cheeses perfect for a dinner party with a little help from Louis Risoli, famed fromager of the L’Espalier.

Landaff Creamery’s is one suggested on the list and I thought you might like to share this bit with your readers!

You can find the entire article on here.

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