Love your Town, Run for Office

From the desk of Sandy Brackett, Landaff Ledger editor/owner;

Town of Landaff Board and Commission Positions for

March 10, 2020 Town Meeting (7pm)

Voting (11am-7pm)


Consider running for office this year.  In most cases the time commitments are not oppressive, the tasks are do-able, and the satisfaction of contributing to the effective and efficient functioning of our town is substantial.

Below you will find a complete list of the positions that need to be filled by Landaff residents to make the Town run.  In each section I have indicated whether there are openings this year.

Filing for public office takes place at the Town Clerk’s office. The first day to file will be Wednesday, January 22 and the last day will be Friday, January 31, 2020.  In addition to their usual hours, the Town Clerk’s office will be open to accept filings from 3 to 5pm on Friday January 31st.

Openings for 2020

Select Board: (1) three-year term

Mike Ransmeier, term ending 2020

In accordance with RSA 41:8, the Board of Selectmen functions as an executive branch to manage the “prudential” affairs of the town.  This allows the Board to implement actions adopted at Town Meeting and gives the Board authority to spend money, sign deeds, appoint new officials, compose legal ordinances and policies and enter into contractual agreements in accord with adopted Town policies and regulations.  Specific responsibilities include managing roads and highways, hazardous buildings, health and welfare, financial accounting, election duties, property appraisal and taxation, and litigation.
Meeting Schedule:
Currently meets weekly, on Wednesday nights.

Moderator:  (1) two-year term 

Judy Boulet term ending  2020

The Moderator oversees all elections and chairs Town Meeting.

Town Clerk:  No current openings

The Town Clerk’s position is a part time, paid elective office. Town Clerks are responsible for all the Town’s official records including elections, licensing and registrations (such as pets or motor vehicles) along with keeping records of births, marriages, and deaths.  The Town Clerk handles new voter registrations and absentee ballot requests, election ballot preparation, minutes of Town Meeting, and reporting out of various municipal records.  And more!

Trustees of the Trust Funds: (1) three-year term

Trustees of Trust Funds (NH RSAs Chapter 31)are the custodians of the town’s perpetual care funds, charitable trusts, and capital reserve/expendable trust funds. Trustees of Trust Funds make the decisions regarding expenditure from these funds based on the wishes of the donor in the case of privately donated funds and release capital reserve funds and expendable trust funds to the appropriate government officials upon request. Trustees of Trust Funds decide how these funds are to be invested based on the investment policy adopted by the Trustees.
Meeting Schedule:
Monthly or as needed.

Planning Board:  (1) three-year and (1) one-year term 

The Planning Board (RSA 674) rules on applications for subdivisions, boundary changes, and development site plans as well as driveway permits.  They are also responsible to develop and update the town’s state-required Master Plan, which guides development within the town and lays down plans for infrastructure and other needs into the future.  Planning Board also proposes Planning and Zoning regulations to the Town Meeting for implementation of the Master Plan.
Meeting Schedule:
Monthly – Second Monday of the Month

Zoning Board of Adjustment: (1) three-year and (1) one- year term

The ZBA (RSA 674:33) acts as an appeals board relating to land use decisions by the Select Board, Town staff, or Planning Board.  They hear appeals of administrative or Planning Board decisions, and authorize variances to the terms of zoning ordinances.
Meeting Schedule:
As Needed

Supervisors of the Checklist: No current openings

Checklist supervisors keep the Town’s voting list up to date and manage registration during elections. Checklist committee appoints Moderator if a mid-term vacancy occurs.
Meeting Schedule:
Meets to update list once or twice before each election; two out of the three supervisors must be present throughout voting hours on election days.

Cemetery Trustees: (1) three-year and (1) one-year term

Cemetery Trustees (RSA 289:7) are responsible for the care and maintenance of public municipal cemeteries (five in Landaff), and for any private cemeteries the town has acquired. Cemetery Trustees establish the bylaws, prepare the yearly budget, prepare the deeds or right to inter (although Cemetery Trustees do not sign the deeds) and maintain the cemeteries.
Meeting Schedule:
As needed.

Conservation Commission: (2) three-year and (1) two -year term

The Conservation Commission (RSA 36-A) studies natural resources and develops long-term plans and strategies for the protection of important places.  The Commission works to permanently protect land, educate the public about conservation and renewable energy, and manage any town-owned lands for timber production, recreation and wildlife.  A local Conservation Commission also works with the state’s Department of Environmental Services to provide local comment on wetland permits.
Meeting Schedule:
Monthly – last Thursday of the month as needed


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