Add Supervisor of the Checklist

From the desk of Sandy Brackett, Landaff Ledger editor/owner;

Please add the below open position to the list posted yesterday for

Town of Landaff Board and Commission Positions for

March 10, 2020 Town Meeting (7pm)

Voting (11am-7pm)


Consider running for office this year.  In most cases the time commitments are not oppressive, the tasks are do-able, and the satisfaction of contributing to the effective and efficient functioning of our town is substantial.

Below you will find a complete list of the positions that need to be filled by Landaff residents to make the Town run.  In each section I have indicated whether there are openings this year.

Filing for public office takes place at the Town Clerk’s office. The first day to file will be Wednesday, January 22 and the last day will be Friday, January 31, 2020.  In addition to their usual hours, the Town Clerk’s office will be open to accept filings from 3 to 5pm on Friday January 31st.

Additional opening for 2020

Supervisors of the Checklist: (1) six-year term

Checklist supervisors keep the Town’s voting list up to date and manage registration during elections. Checklist committee appoints Moderator if a mid-term vacancy occurs.
Meeting Schedule:
Meets to update list once or twice before each election; two out of the three supervisors must be present throughout voting hours on election days.

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