Blue School News

From the desk of Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School;

February 10-14

What We Are Learning

  • Kindergarten Letter of the Week is I
  • Kindergarten worked on number scrolls. Kindergartners worked on combining shapes to make new shapes.
  • First Graders worked on using a variety of ways to add and subtract 2-digit numbers. They also practiced using tools to solve open response problems.
  • Third Graders have been using different strategies for finding areas and perimeters.
  • We had a wonderful Science Night! Thank you to all the families who came!
  • Third Graders have been learning about the US Government in Social Studies. Kindergartners and First Graders have been learning about the American Flag.
  • Students have been doing various Valentine’s Day activities.

Student of the week


Important Dates

February 14th– Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Social

February 24th-February 28th– No School

Science Night

Molly Culver
Teaching Principal
Landaff Blue School
“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning”- Robert John Meehan

Celebrated with NASA Scientist Dr. Hammond, Conservation Officer Chis McKee and Landaff families and community members

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

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