Results of School Election

From the desk of Judith Boulet, Landaff School District Moderator Pro-Tem;

There were a total of 106 voters for the Landaff School District.
The results are as follows:
Moderator for 1 year:
Judith Boulet, as a write in- 29 votes
Michael Ransmeier, as a write in- 6 votes
Clerk for 1 year:
Jennifer Cartwright- 82 votes
Treasurer for 1 year:
Tammy Heath, as a write in- 5 votes
Cecily Yarosh, as a write in- 3 votes
Francie Kinney, as a write in- 2 votes
Tracey Upton, as a write in- 2 votes
School Board for 3 years:
Dale Locke- 87 votes

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