Town Election Results

From the desk of Judith Boulet, Landaff Town Moderator;

Thank you for voting yesterday. I appreciate the efforts of the
Election Workers who worked diligently using sanitizing wipes
in the voting booths, on the voting pencils, and on the tables.
Hand sanitizer was available in several areas.
There was a total of 107 voters for the Town Elections.
Here are the results:
Selectman for 3 years:
Denise Cartwright- 53 votes
Michael Ransmeier, as a write in- 38 votes
Planning Board for 3 years:
Brenda Dodge- 96 votes
Planning Board for 1 year:
Nancy Cooper, as a write in- 7 votes
Trustee of the Trust Fund for 3 years:
Francie Kinney- 66 votes
Jason Cartwright- 37 votes
Conservation Commission for 2 years:
Marilyn Booth- 85 votes
Cemetery Trustee for 3 years:
Brenda Dodge- 97 votes
Town Moderator for 2 years:
Judith Boulet- 93 votes
Conservation Commission for 3 years:
Heidi Sagar- 86 votes
Supervisor of the Checklist for 6 years:
Rebecca McGovern- 72 votes
Board of Adjustment for 1 year:
Susan O’Hearn- 76 votes
Board of Adjustment for 3 years:
Ben Peters, write in- 16 votes
Cemetery Trustee for 2 years:
Gayle Clement- 96 votes

3 thoughts on “Town Election Results

  1. Here is the Moderator’s explanation;
    I only listed names of write ins who got a significant number and could therefore be deemed as
    a “winner” or fairly close to being a “winner”.


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