Open Fire Proclamation

From the desk(s) of Jason Cartwright – Landaff Fire Chief and Mike Ball-Landaff Fire Warden;

Today the Governor and Council signed a Proclamation prohibiting open fires and smoking in and near woodlands. This was done because of the fire conditions we have and will continue to have as we enter Fall. The
drought conditions are severe across the state and wildfire indices are at the point where the potential for large fire activity exists.
What prohibitions are contained in the Proclamation?

…it shall be unlawful for any person in the State to

o Kindle an open fire, including fires built for camping, the burning of debris, or warming, on all public trails or other public property, excluding public campgrounds
o smoke a pipe, cigar and/or cigarette outdoors in or near public woodlands or on public trails
o kindle a category 3 “fire;” a fire greater than 4 feet in diameter or a fire not contained within a ring of fire resistive material

What this means is:
 All fires are prohibited on public lands, except in a campground
 Category 3 fires are banned everywhere, public and private lands
 Category 1 and 2 fires are allowed on private property with a fire permit
 No smoking is allowed in or near public woodlands or on public trails

Also to note: The online fire permit system has been shut down until weather conditions improve.

This is a serious drought with very dry conditions. Members of the Landaff Volunteer Fire Department will also be on the lookout for any open fires.

Jason Cartwright

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