Drayton House Thank You

From the desk of Judith Boulet:

I wish I could say, “And, now for the rest of the story”, but that line has already been taken.  A couple of weeks ago, I asked if anyone knew where the “Captain Harry Drayton house” was here in Landaff. Thank you to those who knew the answer. This was not so much as an inquiry about the Drayton family, but about a wall in the house of that family. I have been studying folk art murals, particularly the 1825-1845 murals of Rufus Porter and his nephew, Jonathan D. Poor. This past summer, we went to the Rufus Porter Museum in Bridgeton, ME. This is a lovely little museum dedicated to Rufus Porter. Several examples of his murals are on site. When I was doing some work for the Lisbon Area Historical Society, I came across a picture of a wall mural from a house here in Landaff. I have attached the picture. The picture was taken in 1941 in the Captain Drayton house. I didn’t know where the house was located. This mural is also not noted in the book titled “Folk Art Murals of the Rufus Porter School”  by Linda Lefko and Jane Radcliffe. We do have a few homes in the area with murals of this style. Unfortunately, Mr. Porter did not sign most of his work, but Mr. Poor usually did. To make a long story short, the Drayton home did have a mural. Sometime after the Drayton family and before the current family, the mural was painted over with “industrial strength green paint” and is no longer visible. It could have been a Porter, or a Poor, or any other wandering artist who painted murals. My curiosity has been satisfied. Again, thank you to those who helped me locate the house. Mystery solved.

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