Home Break-Ins

Requested by Landaff residents and Lisbon PD;

There have been recent break-ins with theft of property at some unoccupied ‘seasonal’ Landaff residences. Lisbon Police Chief Bailey has suggested that if you are a seasonal resident or if you plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time, you should take extra steps to keep the driveway plowed and have your mail collected. Having illumination in the home such as a light on a timer is also a good idea. These suggestions give the appearance that the home is being checked routinely or is occupied. If you “see something, say something” such as a suspicious vehicle in the driveway.

Lisbon Police continues to patrol Landaff as a designated area according to their contract with the Town. State Police also continues to be Landaff’s 911 emergency response agency. You may contact Chief Bailey at 838-6712 for non-emergencies.

One thought on “Home Break-Ins

  1. I’d recommend using an Internet-connected security camera like Wyze cam ($20 each), to record motion activity and get notified instantly. I have 4 of them at home, 3 pointed outside to catch any would-be thieves, and one pointed at my water main in case there’s any water issue while we’re away on a trip.
    There’s an outdoor version that can even emit a siren sound. I think this solution requires the Internet to be active, so it may or may not work for some people.


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