Tax Collector Updates

Requested by Jenn Locke, Landaff Select Board Chair;

Dear Taxpayers,

The Select Board would like to announce that we have hired a new Tax Collector, Beth Carignan. Beth has been the Town Clerk and Tax Collector in Lyman, NH for several years and brings her experience to the role here.  Starting next week, the Tax Collector hours will be 3:00-5:00PM on Wednesday afternoons.  We’d like to remind everyone that meeting with the Tax Collector, as with all town personnel, continues to be by appointment only. Beth can be reached by telephone 838-6220, email at or through the mail at the town hall address of 12 Center Hill Road, Landaff, NH 03585.

As many of you know, the last few years the tax collector position has been in flux and has not received the support and involvement of the Select Board as it should have. As a result, there are improvements and corrections which can and will be made over the next several months, as Beth helps improve our records and processes.  One of the first steps will be to send out delinquency notices for past due tax amounts. If you receive one of these and should not have, we apologize, please provide a copy of your documentation to Beth either during an appointment or through the mail, and any errors will be corrected. If you are already aware of a problem with your property taxes, please contact Beth with any information you have so that she can make the corrections.  The Select Board can also be reached during our regular online weekly meetings which can be joined via telephone or through ZOOM, or during the week at 603-838-6220.  

The majority of people in town do not have any problems with their tax records, but if you are one who does, thank you for your patience and communication, as we work diligently to correct and improve going forward.

Landaff Select Board

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