Voting Information

Requested by Judith Boulet, Landaff Town and School Moderator;

What?- Pre-Processing of Absentee Ballots When?- March 5, 2021@ 5:00pm

Where?– Landaff Town Hall- Dining Room

Who?– Dot Wiggins, Gayle Clement, Brenda Dodge, Judith Boulet

Who?– Public may attend as per RSA rules. Mask wearing is mandatory. 

What?– Voting in-person Election of Town and School Officers. Voting ONLY.  NO Business Meeting in the evening. 

When?– March 9, 2021 @ 11:00am to 7:00pm

Where?– Landaff Town Hall- Main Hall

Who?– Landaff Registered Voters. Unregistered voters may register on same day.

> Mask wearing is mandatory.> Please enter by going up the front steps, through the green doors.> Maintain social distancing.> Check in with Supervisors of the Checklist, if necessary.> Check in with the Ballot Clerks and receive Town and School Ballots.> Vote.> Check out with the Town Clerk.> Leave through the Emergency Exit and down the ramp.

Reminder: If you are unable to vote in person, for any reason, you may call Gayle Clement to request an ABSENTEE BALLOT.   838-6220. Your ballot must be returned by 5:00pm on March 9, 2021.

Reminder: Due to Covid-19, there is no Business Meeting in the evening. Stay tuned for more information pertaining to the Business Meeting. 
Thank you! Judy

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