Election Results

From the Desk of Judith Boulet, Landaff Town Moderator;

There are 320 Registered Voters in Landaff.  A total of 93 voters participated, giving 29% of voters having “their say” in the Election of Officers and Zoning Ordinances. 

Zoning Ordinances

Article A- Re: Manufactured homes PASSED. 64- yes;  24- no. Article B- Re: Biosolids and standards PASSED. 61- yes; 23- no. Article C- Re: Building Setbacks PASSED. 77- yes; 9- no.

Election of Officers

Board of Selectmen– Three Year Term- Jennifer Locke- 60 votes Write-ins: MRansmeier-9; EPeters-2; MBoivin-4; LDonnellan- 1; DTrump-1; Honest person-1.

Trustee of the Trust Fund– Three Year Term- Lloyd Donnellan- 70 votes. Write-ins: JWright-2; DLocke-2; BBabcock-1; CDavis-1

Planning Board- Three Year Term- 2 people needed- Brenda Dodge- 66 votes. Dale Locke- 51 votes. Errol Peters- 37 votes. John Wright- 10 votes

Conservation Commission- Three Year Term- 2 people needed-Dot Wiggins- 63 votes. Barbarann Craig- 32 votes. John Wright- 28 votes. Write-in: DFerony- 1

Zoning Board of Adjustment- Three Year Term Thomas Robert– 63 votes. Write ins: PMardin-1; BDodge- 1; DTrump-1; JWiggett-2; Jason Cartwright-1; DougErb-2; SOhearn-1

Zoning Board of Adjustment- One Year Term Write ins: DougErb- 2; DFerony-1, MBoivin-1; BDodge-1; BBabcock-1; ABoulet-1; MMichaelis-1

Cemetery Trustee- Three Year term Mary Dodge– 79 votes, Write in: DLocke-1

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