Landaff Town Meetings

From the Desk of Judith Boulet, Landaff Town Moderator and School Moderator;

The first business meeting for School and Town has been conducted according to the guidelines of House Bill 1129. Registered voters may have questions or comments to the Warrant Articles. If you have questions about the school budget, you may call the SAU#35 office at 444-3000 Ext. 304. Please call before Monday.

If you have questions or comments about the town budget, you may contact any Select Board member, or call Robyn Gilmartin at 838-6220. You may send your comments by email to: Please call or send before Monday for the town budget.

The second and final ZOOM session is Monday, April 26 at 7:00pm for the school and Tuesday, April 27 for the town portion at 7:00pm. The ZOOM link is to go to and click on to join the meeting. 

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