Town Voting

From the desk of Judith Boulet, Landaff Town and Blue School Moderator;

Hello Landaff Registered Voters:

We have reached the final leg of Town Meeting Day. Because of Covid 19, we have been following the State of NH guidelines for HB 1129 this year. We have had two Zoom Budget Hearings and two Zoom Business Meetings. Now it is time to vote on the Warrant Articles, something that would have been done in an evening meeting on Election Day, if we were not in the pandemic. 

Voting will be May 11, 2021, starting at 11:00am and ending at 7:00pm. (Please bring a clipboard or hard surface to place your ballots on for voting in your car.)  Please follow these steps:

1. You will form the line along Jockey Hill Road facing the church. Stay to the right so traffic can still flow. Your first stop will be in front of the church. State your name, as well as the other voters in your car, and hand your license(s)/photo ID(s) to the election worker. The worker will check you in with the Ballot Clerk. The worker will pick up your ballot(s) and hand them to you with your license(s)/photo ID(s). 

2. Park your car down in an available spot. 

3. Vote on the Blue School Warrant Articles and the Town of Landaff Warrant Articles. 

4. Drive down to the Ballot Box. Hand the filled out ballots to the election worker who will place them in the Ballot Box.

5. No need to check out with the Town Clerk.

6. Exit through the lower part of the Town Hall driveway.

> No one has to get out of the car.> No absentee voters are allowed, as per HB1129.> New voters can be registered and accepted. > If you have any questions, please call Moderator Judy Boulet at 603-838-5555.

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