Moderator Thanks You

From the desk of Judy Boulet, Town of Landaff Moderator;

I would like to thank several people for helping make our HB1129 Town Meeting Day a success.

Thank you to the Select Board members for showing up in shifts. It was very helpful to have Harry McGovern, Denise Cartwright, and Jennifer Locke there and helping with the “check-in” area.

Thank you to Andy Brackett for putting up signs and for putting out the tables and chairs for the workers.  

Thank you to Rev. Lyn Winter for letting us use the entry-way to the church for our “check in” station. 

Thank you to Dot Wiggins and Angie Bronson for working at the “check in” station. 

Thank you to Susan Webster and Tom Robert for helping with the “check in” station. Registered voters did not have to leave their cars to vote.

Thank you to Jennifer Cartwright, Marilyn Booth, Brenda Dodge, and Gayle Clement for working at the Ballot Box area.  

Thank you to Richard Bronson for working at the Supervisor of the Checklist table. There were a few new registered voters.

Thank you to Robyn Gilmartin for creating the voting sheet and getting copies made, and the warrant articles copied for the voters.

Thank you to SAU #35 and Jennifer Cartwright, School Clerk for getting the school ballots to us. 

Thank you to the Erbs, Harry McGovern, and Allan Boulet for the use of their canopies and setting them up. 

Despite the rain, hail, sleet, and wind, I think we had a good day. With 82 registered voters voting, I think, under these pandemic circumstances, we had a great day. 

Thank you! Judy Boulet – Blue School and Town of Landaff Moderator

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