Honoring Marcus Hamilton

Requested by Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School;

Landaff Student

The Landaff Blue School community is extremely proud of Marcus Hamilton for being hired as a youth instructor at the White Mountain Science Institute (WMSI)!!!!

Marcus has always been a student with a passion to learn and has set his learning goals for high achievement. He is an able and confident student with a passion for science and computers. Marcus’ natural talent for science, combined with his self-driven disposition and many years of computer science, has made him an excellent candidate to be consider by White Mountain Science Institute (WMSI). The unique student dynamics of the Blue School encouraged him from an early age to help younger students which is another one of Marcus’s strengths.

We are all so proud of all that he has accomplished and we are very grateful for our continued partnership with WMSI!!!!!

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