Blue School News

Requested by Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School;

January 17th – January 21st


This week grades K-3 wrapped up their mid-year assessments. Grades K-3 started sharing their winter stories that they finished writing. Lastly, K-3 learned more about perseverance.

Unified Arts

Library – Learned about different bird feathers.

Art – Continued to look for basic shapes that make up a drawing. Read “I Spy Shapes in Art.”

Spanish – Learning how to count in Spanish

What we are Learning

Preschool is learning about nature. They have been watching the birds and the squirrels and making observations. Lastly, preschoolers are reading “Hunting for Dinner.”

Kindergarten students are learning about the letter “P.” They are also learning how to solve simple word problems in math.

Second Grade students are exploring arrays, time, and shapes. They are also learning about open number lines and how to mentally add and subtract by 10 and 100.

Third grade students finished up their mid-year assessments in math. They are starting unit 5 where they are exploring equal parts, fractions, and the area of shapes. Lastly, they got their new math books this week.

Reminders *Please bring in extra socks for your child(ren). Their socks are getting wet from being outside in the snow.*

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