Blue School News

Requested by Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School;

January 24th – January 28th


This week grades K-3 continued to learn about perseverance. They are really enjoying this unit. WSMI came in and the students started a new project coding different video games. The students did their dance program this week. All students went up in their reading levels and they are very excited about it!

*Artist of the week:

Ellianna Barth!!

Unified Arts

Music – Learned new songs.

Library – Learned about hibernation with different animals.

Art – Drawing realistic photographs from their iPad.

Guidance – Learned about feelings and making friends.

What we are Learning

Kindergarten students are learning the letter “K” and learning about the author’s purpose in a story. In math, they are learning about teen numbers and learning about the addition and equal sign.

Second graders are learning about the main ideas and details in a story. In math, they are learning about different types of number stories and adding multi digit numbers.

Third graders are learning how to summarize to understand comprehension. In math, they are learning about equivalent fractions and multiplication fact strategies.

Reminders *Please bring in extra socks and clothes for your child(ren). Their socks and clothes are getting wet from being outside in the snow.

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