Blue School News

Requested by Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School;

February 7th – February 11th


This week grades K-3 had WMSI and the students continued working on creating their video games. Due to the snow storm and school being canceled we celebrated 100s day on Monday! The students had a blast! The students are also enjoying all the snow we got. A lot of sledding, snow forts, and sliding down the hill on their stomachs to act like penguins.

Unified Arts

Music – Learned songs that relate to the Black History month.

Physical Education – Snowshoeing.

Library – Learned about how everyone’s abilities are different.

Art – Learned about Henri Matisse.

Spanish – Learned the word “dice” (says) and about the sounds animals say in Spanish.

Guidance – Learned how to manage strong feelings.

Health – Learned about taking care of the brain and its basic functions.

What we are Learning

Kindergarten students are learning the vowel “E” and learning about cause and effect in a story. In math, they are learning types of graphs, and learning about flat and solid shapes.

Second graders are learning about facts and opinions in a story. In math, they are learning about different number stories.

Third graders are learning how to summarize the text of a story. In math, they are learning different multiplication facts and started their unit 5 test.


*Please bring in extra socks and clothes for your child(ren). Their socks and clothes are getting wet from being outside in the snow.*

*Please do not forget to bring in things for the Valentine’s Day Party!*

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