Blue School News

Requested by Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School;

February 14th – February 18th

This week grades K-3 had WMSI and the students continued working on creating their video games. We had an ice cream social and celebrated Valentine’s Day. The kids were very excited to give their friends Valentine cards. This month we have also started a kindness bucket. Every time the kids do something nice for someone, they will get a pompom for their bucket. When the bucket is full, they will pour them into the community bucket and will get a class choice reward.

Unified Arts
Music – Sang Valentine’s Day Songs.
Library – Read books on Kindness and Manners.
Art – Finished their collage inspired by Henri Matisse.
Spanish – Learned about animals and animal sounds in Spanish.
Guidance – Learned how to manage strong feelings.
Health – Learning the basics of the nervous system and digestive system.
What we are Learning
Kindergarten students are learning the letter “Q” and learning how to summarize a story. In math, they are learning how to measure a person and learning about the subtraction symbol.
Second graders are learning about main ideas and details in a story. In math, they are learning partial-sums addition.
Third graders are learning how to compare and contrast a story. In math, they are learning known fact strategies.

*Please bring in extra socks and clothes for your child(ren). Their socks and clothes are getting wet from being outside in the snow.*
*Please do not forget to have your child complete their homework.

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