Rabbit Path Medicinals

From the desk of Michelle Saunders, founder/owner of Rabbit Path Medicinals;

Herbs grown with love and care

Rabbit Path Medicinals was founded in 2020. Born out of a deep love for medicinal plants and a need for locally grown herbs, the gardens of Rabbit Path Medicinals are filled with many different plants for tea blends and other herbal creations. Growing, harvesting, and processing are done mindfully, using Reiki and working with the cycles of the moon. No till methods are used in the garden and pesticides and chemical fertilizers are never used. All herbs are harvested and processed in small batches for the best quality.

I have been on the herbal path most of my life, growing up in the woods of Maine identifying plants and hugging trees. My world continues to be shaped by plants. Years of identifying, growing researching, and using herbs led me to complete numerous apprenticeships and an internship with herbalists in New Hampshire and Vermont. I have had the joy of taking classes with esteemed herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar, Tammi Sweet, and Deb Soule. I believe the path of working with herbs is a never-ending opportunity for learning and growth. I am currently working towards my degree in Wellness and Alternative Medicine through Northern Vermont University, and also attending Maria Noel Grove’s advanced herbalism course.

In the gardens, I apply years of experience tending plants and soil using sustainable practices and encouraging wild grown simulated plants for high quality. Using biodynamic methods of planting, harvesting, and weeding in tune with the moon cycles, and incorporating herbal treatments for the compost and the plants, I strive to co-create a thriving environment permeated with magic.

Visit online at https://www.rabbitpathmedicinals.com/

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