Town Election Results

From the desk of Judith Boulet, Landaff Town Moderator;

Here are the Town of Landaff Results:

Board of Selectmen:

Harold McGovern– 56 votes

    Errol Peters-3; Tom Lang-1; Ben Peters-2; Dave Ferony-3; Michael Ball-2. 



Judith Boulet- 72 votes


Town Clerk:

Gayle Clement- 74 votes


Conservation Commission:

Marilyn Booth– 70 votes

Tom Blowey-1; Wanda Fenoff-1


Trustee of the Trust Fund:

Christopher Davis– 66 votes


Planning Board:

Debora Erb– 37 votes

Errol Peters- 34 votes


Zoning Board of Adjustment:

Three Year Term:

Marilyn Booth- 50 votes

David Ferony- 15 votes

Two Year Term:

Marilyn Booth-3; Doug Erb- 1 vote; Dave Ferony- 3 votes

One Year Term:

Rick Jesseman- 3; Ray Lobdell-1


Supervisor of the Checklist:

Melissa Peters-3; Richard Bronson-2; Kim Ball-2; Reg Lavoie-1; Brenda Dodge-1; Becky McGovern-1; Jason Cartwright-1; Marilyn Booth-1; Mary Beaudin-1; Pam Mardin-1; Errol Peters-1; Dave Ferony-1.


In favor of amending Article 11 of the Town Zoning Ordinance:

Yes- 62 votes            No-5 votes.

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