Select Board Landaff

From the desk of Mark Gustafson, Landaff resident:

My name is Mark Gustafson and I am running for the select board in the Town of Landaff. I first visited Landaff in 1973 when I was 13 years old. My father and I would deer hunt from Easton through Landaff and down Cobble Hill Trail back to Route 112. I have spent many hunting seasons walking through the woods of Landaff. The natural surroundings of this area have always called me back. I was able to purchase some of the very land I used to hunt in 2017.

My wife Deb and I have moved from the hustle and bustle of living in Massachusetts to the land in which I have always been drawn to. I have worked in the construction trades for my entire life. Problem solving and learning to make difficult decisions has prepared me for various leadership positions throughout my working career. I plan on transitioning a lot of these skills to assist in the management of this great town. Some things I will focus on as selectmen are fiscal responsibility and a need for a broader tax base. Trying to cut spending alone in this town is not enough. We need to think out of the box to insure that our town has equitable funding for the future needs we may face. This means examining with a fine tooth comb all of our revenue sources. If a piece of land is mislabeled as current use property, the town needs to know and fix the problem. If and when land is going to be subdivided in town a plan needs to be in place so the town is not unfairly burdened. Fees for subdivision should represent a market value equivalent of the developed property. Through smart, sustainable, and balanced development in Landaff, we can thrive in the future while keeping the town’s rural character. While working on the roads as the road agent for the past year, I have learned that we need a funding formula that will properly fix our town’s deteriorating roads from the base to the road surface. Only one fulltime employee is not enough to maintain and fix Landaff’s roads. Proper highway department staffing should be utilized during the busy season to accomplish projects that will add to the longevity of our road system. Fixing our roads correctly will save the tax payer money in the long run. To avoid a conflict of interest, I am stepping down as road agent to hopefully make a positive contribution to the select board. Being involved in the success of this town is very important to me, and I kindly ask for your vote on March 14th.

Mark Gustafson

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