School Board Landaff

From the desk of Matthew Copithorne, Landaff resident:

Hello, as a newer resident of Landaff I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Matthew Copithorne and I am running for the Landaff School Board.  I am running because I value education, want to contribute to the community and feel that I can bring added perspective to the board.  My professional and personal background gives me the perspective to represent the children in our school district and the fiscal wellbeing of the town’s tax payors.

Personally, I live here with my wife and daughters (one is a junior in college, one is an EMT and our youngest is in kindergarten at the Blue School). Since moving to Landaff we have worked to become part of the community from volunteering at the Blue School to becoming a member of the Landaff Volunteer Fire Department.   Professionally I work for a small medical device company and manage both expense and revenue budgets. Since 2016 I have been serving on the board of directors of a nonprofit.

My vision as a school board member would be to provide leadership and create opportunities so that all students regardless of backgrounds, needs and abilities are able to reach their full potential. Beyond my vision I feel I am qualified to serve on the board and represent my new community as a whole based on my professional background, my education (I have a Master of Business Administration) and my passion for education and learning.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at or on my mobile 847.636.7627

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Matthew Copithorne

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