Trees and Wires Down

From the desk of Sandy Brackett, Landaff Ledger Editor;

Due to the current weather conditions, there are multiple trees and some wires down across town. The phone lines are currently out at the Highway Department, however they are in constant radio communication with Grafton County Dispatch. If you have not already done so and need to communicate a road issue, it is best to contact Grafton at 787-2111 or 787-6911 to be sure the message is delivered.

I have advised the Highway Department of the following as calls and emails are coming into our home for the Road Agent;

*Wires down across the roadway as you enter the town’s portion of Mill Brook from Gale Chandler at the 4 way intersection.

*Tree across the roadway Pearl Lake at the Mill Brook end.

*Tree across the roadway on Gale Chandler after Flanders Field if you were exiting toward the back side.

*Tree limb across the roadway at 124 Merrrill Mountain Rd, the Jim Noyes Merrill Mountain.

Thank you for your patience as the crew cleans up from the storm.

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